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Ayahuasca Vine Microdosing Program

Week 1: Orientation

In this first session you will learn:

  • Ayahuasca as a botanical

  • Ceremonial Tradition

  • Introduction to Microdosing

  • Dieta protocols

  • Intention Setting

Week 2: 

In session 2 you will learn about how to develop an intuitive microdosing protocol by connecting with the plant as well as:

  • Learning how to dose.

  • Techniques for observing effects & progress in your body, mind, spirit.

Week 3: Navigating insights

You might begin to understand your experience as part of a dynamic system that explains your learnings and transformations, from the dynamic interrelation of the main results and elements to care for.

Week 4: Connecting with the plant

From the ancestral perspective, you will learn how Ayahuasca heals in macro and microdosing, and to be cautious on the interpretation of your experiences.

Week 5: Make your results sustainable

You will analyze and relate your experience and that of your colleagues to find patterns and/or signs of changes in habits that you could pursue to help you sustain your healing and self knowledge through time.

Week 6: Integration

Recognize, along with your facilitator, our experts and the Microhuasca Community, in which ways of seeing, interpreting and acting in life, do you feel have changed or improved during your process, and how you can make this transformation a permanent one.




“When I have a project I am working on I will go on a B. caapi microdosing protocol. It helps with my creativity and doesn't change my ordinary consciousness. I can still be completely present in my every day life.”

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